About the site of PC and software

Computers and computer equipment are now practically accessible to everyone, and every family has an Internet with high-speed access. Periodically, devices such as a computer and peripherals need maintenance, and very often repair. In order to save your time and money, I decided to create this site, the purpose of which is to help you configure, clean or repair your computer, or another device that connects to it. Usually such devices have their name "peripheral", ie devices that connect to your PC, it can be like scanners, printers, a mouse and a keyboard and so on. For all this, you do not need to be a computer professional at all, and you do not need to have any experience, basic knowledge and an idea of ​​what your PC is and how it connects.

Now a little about me. I made a website in order to help you sort out and solve your problems with the software and your PC. I am the author of the resource, my name is Nikolay, I work as a system administrator and with problems both in software and with hardware, I am constantly on my work. All problems and their solution with the PC and software I will upload on this site.

The idea of ​​creating such a site I have been hatching for a long time, and now, it's time and I launch it on the Internet for you. I will try to make out the most frequent questions and problems with the PC and the software we face every day on the site, and of course we will solve them together with you. I hope that the benefits of my site will be appreciable for you, you will be able to solve many problems related to your computer (in particular hardware) and software.

Separately on the site there is a section on "hardware", where we will independently solve various tasks, such as repairing the power unit, soldering the capacitors on various devices, including on the motherboard. All this I will not only tell you, but also clearly show in the photo report. So go ahead!