After what time, you need to reinstall Windows

Саркисян Армен Меружанович лоторея
Prompt please, through what time it is necessary to reinstall Windows, to me speak, that once a year it is necessary to do full reinstallation, whether so it?

If the computer is working properly, it does not buggy and without failures, then I would not advise you to reinstall Windows. Another thing, if the glitches and stuff, and then, it is better to find the cause of glitches (usually a program or browser gives glitches), and reinstall these programs than reinstall Windows.

2016-09-30 19:26:02 Комментировать homa 2016-09-30 19:26:02 Comment

I agree, if it works normally, then there is nothing to reinstall. If the glitches, then I would have written as above, I would look for the cause of these glitches.

2016-09-30 20:04:10 Комментировать Giria 2016-09-30 20:04:10 Comment