How to reduce icons on the Windows 7 desktop

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Can you please tell me how to reduce the icons on the desktop in Windows 7. I installed a new OS, and the icons on the desktop are large, and the monitor is small. How can I reduce the size of icons?

I meant to reduce the size of the icons, thank you in advance.

2015-09-09 22:19:40 Комментировать Danya 2015-09-09 22:19:40 Comment

As I understand it, do you need to reduce shortcuts and folders on your desktop? There is such an inconvenient thing in Windows 7, when after reinstalling its icons and shortcuts become huge. I wrote an article a couple of months ago how this is being fixed, here you can find the answer.

2015-09-10 00:51:20 Комментировать homa 2015-09-10 00:51:20 Comment