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How to find information about your computer

Many of my clients often call me with questions about the slow operation of programs or a computer, and the first question I ask is what kind of computer you have, how much RAM and what processor, and in response they answer me.

How to make Russian the default language in Windows XP

Very often, users are asking me how to make Russian the default language, not English.
Как узнать, какой драйвер не установлен на компьютере

How to find out which driver is not installed on the computer

Many computer users after installing or reinstalling the operating system are faced with the problem of installing drivers.

How to properly build a computer

In this article, we'll talk about how to properly collect a computer, that while you need to consider and pay attention.
Как проверить блок питания компьютера

How to check the computer power supply

In this article, we will learn how to check the power supply of a computer for its operability at home.

When the computer boots up, the blue screen and Stop 0X0000007F error

There was one computer that, at boot time, issues a blue screen and a Stop 0x0000007F error. It took me three days to find the reason

How to restore a DVD drive at home

Restoring DVD or CD disks usually fails, but there are ways that can help in this.

Configuring an FTP connection in Total Commander

Hello everyone, in this article I will show you and teach you how to set up an FTP connection in Total Commander. Let me remind you that FTP is a data transfer protocol, and basically it is necessary to transfer files over a network or the Internet.

How to delete your VK page

Probably hard to find a person in our time who is not registered in classmates or VKontakte. This is the same as meeting a modern person without a mobile phone.

How to reduce or increase the size of shortcuts on the Windows 7 desktop

How to reduce or increase the size of shortcuts and icons on the desktop in the operating system Windows 7.

Long boot Autocad if the computer is connected to the network

Long boot Autocad, if the computer is connected to a local network
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