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Что нужно делать если греется ноутбук

What you need to do if the laptop is warming up

What you need to do if the laptop is warming up, detailed instructions and recommendations.

How do I know if my notebook is overheating?

Many notebook owners sooner or later face the problem of laptop overheating. The cause of overheating can be an old and dry thermal paste
Как выбрать правильную бумагу для принтера

How to choose the right paper for the printer

Most users use paper to work with printers, not thinking about its quality. Meanwhile, a good quality of paper can significantly affect the quality of printing images.
Как выбрать принтер

How to choose a printer

In the recent past, printers were considered inaccessible luxury for the average computer user. But after the world market has a lot of modifications of printers, you can choose any convenient option
Чистка экрана ноутбука

Cleaning the laptop screen

During the operation of any device, including a laptop, it becomes necessary to clean it. In this article, we'll talk about cleaning the laptop screen, find out how to do it and how to clean it.
Чем чистить экран ноутбука

What to clean the laptop screen

After buying a laptop and in the process of its operation, there is a need to clean its screen. Many users do not know how to clean the laptop screen, and in this we will help you, you will learn how and what it does.

How to properly build a computer

In this article, we'll talk about how to properly collect a computer, that while you need to consider and pay attention.

How to restore a DVD drive at home

Restoring DVD or CD disks usually fails, but there are ways that can help in this.

How to delete your VK page

Probably hard to find a person in our time who is not registered in classmates or VKontakte. This is the same as meeting a modern person without a mobile phone.