Splitting the hard disk windows 7 into sections

Разбивка жесткого диска windows 7 на разделы

Buying a computer with preinstalled Windows 7, or an additional hard drive in an existing computer, the user's look with a probability of 99% will appear very sad picture: the new disk will contain only one section. Perhaps for people who use Linux as the operating system, this is not so important, but when using Windows 7 it is more convenient to store their files on several partitions. Moreover, in case of reinstalling or restoring the system, it is easier to save your data if there is a separate section available - in this situation you will appreciate your former vision.

The required minimum in the number of partitions, dictated not by one year of using the operating system Windows 7 , is two. The first section should be allocated exclusively for the operating system and work programs (including games), the second section is used for storing documents, films, music and other things. You must decide on the number of partitions with which you will be comfortable to work afterwards, therefore, considering that the partitioning of the disk usually does not change for years, approach this question with all responsibility.

To split the hard disk into several separate partitions, burnt "computer scientists" are accustomed to using third-party software similar to the known Partition Magic or Acronis Disk Director, but in Windows 7 there is no need for this - programs for performing these manipulations are included in the operating system itself. For this reason, you do not have to look for and install any third-party software. The only thing that you will have to worry about is that you have assigned administrator privileges to your account, since ordinary users do not have the necessary authority to change such important parameters for the system.

So, let's start the task of partitioning the hard disk into several partitions, for which you should go to the Control Panel by clicking the "Start" button and selecting the appropriate item in the system menu. Then follow the following path: "System and security" -> "Administration" -> submenu "Creating and formatting hard disk partitions".

Hard disk partitioning Hard disk partitioning

Splitting the hard disk windows 7 into sections Splitting the hard disk windows 7 into sections

Splitting the hard disk windows 7 into sections Splitting the hard disk windows 7 into sections

The "Disk Management" tab allows you to familiarize yourself with existing sections. If you purchase a computer with Windows 7 operating system, in addition to the main partition (drive C :), there may be a hidden partition on the hard disk that is used to restore the operating system in case of loss of its operability. Leave this section or delete it - it's up to you, but in the latter case you can free up an additional few gigabytes (the size of this section can vary greatly) and lose the ability to quickly restore the system.

To partition the disk, right-click on the conditional image of the section labeled as (C :) and select the item "Compress volume ..." in the context menu. Wait for a while until the system completes the necessary preparatory actions, and then in the window that appears, you will be asked to select the size of the space allocated for the new partition (in general the translation of some terms, like their original name in the Russian versions of Windows 7, is not always logical, in the item "The size of the compressed space", and the size of the disk C: after the manipulations made, it is indicated in the item "Total size after compression"). If you make a mistake or decide to change the size of the partition, you can perform the procedure of back compression - the extension of the volume.

After making sure the information is correct, you can click the "Compress" button and after a while you will receive a new section that will be marked as "Not Distributed". To fully use the newly created partition on the system, you need to format it, by right-clicking on the partition and selecting "Create a simple volume ...". The Started Wizard for creating a simple volume after double pressing the "Next" button will prompt you to determine the drive letter for the new partition. You can choose any you like, but only from those not previously employed by the system. Confirm your choice and in the next window you will be asked to specify the type of file system. In the item "Format this volume as follows:" specify the NTFS file system, then, in case of using a new disk, click the "Next" button, otherwise it is necessary to check "Fast Formatting", and only then click "Next" ".

In the next window, make sure that all the settings have been set correctly and click "Finish". If you specify the quick formatting option in the previous step, the whole process will finish in a few seconds, otherwise you will have to wait about an hour (the time depends on the amount of disk space allocated for the new partition).

After all the manipulations you will get a hard disk with two partitions. More sections can be obtained by performing the same actions as many times as necessary.

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