Windows 7 password recovery

Восстановление пароля Windows 7

Windows 7 password recovery can be needed in case you accidentally forgot it or did not even know if it's about someone else's computer. The task is quite easy to solve with the help of third-party software, but in a situation where, for example, you do not have access to the USB interface of a PC and, especially, to the Internet, there is only one way - to use the installation disk with Windows 7.

It should be taken into account that after performing the password restoration operation according to the instructions below, files that were encrypted earlier will not be able to be opened. If you have such files, you should resort to another method of obtaining administrative rights on the password-protected system.

So, insert the boot disk from Windows 7 into the drive and boot from it. In the main installer window, in addition to the "Install" button, there is a "System Restore" item at the bottom, on which you should press the left mouse button.

Password recovery windows 7 Password recovery windows 7

The next step is to select the required installation from the available versions of Windows on your computer. If you only have one copy of Windows, only one option will be available for selection.

Password recovery windows Password recovery windows

After clicking on the "Next" button you will be asked to choose the tool that will be used to recover the password. Select Command Prompt.

Password recovery windows 7 Password recovery windows 7

After the window with the command line appears, you need to start the Windows Registry Editor, just type "regedit" without quotes and press enter. Now you should select the registry key "HKEY_Local_Machine", and then in the "File" menu select the "Load hive" option.

At this point in the file open dialog, you need to specify the path to the "SYSTEM" file, which is usually located in the Windows / system32 / config folder of the hard disk partition on which Windows 7 is installed.

Password recovery windows 7 Password recovery windows 7

After successfully finding the file, you will need to specify the name of the section to which the contents of the "System" file will be imported. The name of the section can be specified any you want - it will not affect anything.

Open the "HKEY_Local_Machine" section and select the item that you created in the previous step. Now, by clicking on the "Setup" item on the right you will see a list of parameters, among which there will be "SetupType", then you need to change it. Double-clicking on this parameter, in the window that opens, change the parameter value to "2" and click "OK".

Now, change the value of the parameter "CmdLine" to "cmd.exe" in the same branch of the replay. The actions are the same as when changing the previous parameter. When you are finished typing, click "OK".

Return to the root of the registry "HKEY_Local_Machine" using the navigation bar on the left and selecting it from the "File" menu select "Unload the hive". After that, you can close all open windows and reboot the computer (do not forget to remove the disk from the drive to again not boot from it). When the system boots, instead of the familiar Windows welcome window, a command line opens, in which you want to enter the following command "net user [new administrator name] [new password]" without quotes and square brackets. In the case where the administrator's name consists of more than one word, you must specify it in quotation marks.

After closing the window with the console, you will see a standard welcome screen where you can enter the data of the newly created administrator and gain full control over the Windows 7 system. Do not forget to also read the article about resetting the password that we wrote specifically for you very recently.

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