Resetting administrator password windows 7

Сброс пароля администратора windows 7

The administrator password requested by the Windows 7 operating system is generally quite robust in terms of cryptography and, if lost, the implementation of administrative tasks can be very problematic. In fact, in this situation there is nothing tragic: there are at least three ways to reset the administrator password, one of which we now consider.

As in previous versions of Windows, the Security Account Manager (SAM) is used to store user and administrator passwords, which protects passwords from extraneous eyes quite well - it is unlikely to be recognized, but it is not required to enter the system.

Resetting administrator password windows 7 Resetting administrator password windows 7

Resetting administrator password windows 7 Resetting administrator password windows 7

Any unauthorized manipulation of passwords should be done from the outside, since the operating system, when launched on a computer, will not allow it to be done so easily, so all actions will be performed either from the command line called from the Windows installer of the disk with the distribution kit, or using a special boot disk.

Resetting administrator password Resetting administrator password

Using a special boot disk is the easiest way to reset or change the administrator password, so we will use the well-known Offline NT Password and Registry editor, which can be written to a CD-ROM, and in the absence of a drive, to a flash drive. The original disk image can be downloaded from the official site of the program.

From the computer on which all manipulations will be performed, you will need the ability to download data from the data carrier selected for the program, and from you - the absence of fear of working on the command line, because it does not have a graphical interface.

So, after booting the computer from the prepared disk, you may have to experimentally select the boot options for the Linux kernel (the Offline NT Password and Registry editor works just from Linux), but in most cases it will be enough to choose the default settings. The next stage is devoted to the choice of the system partition on which Windows 7 is installed. If you are having difficulty addressing the partitions different from the one in Windows, then you can navigate by their size, not the name.

After selecting a partition, the program will ask you to specify the folder in which the SAM system data is stored. If your Windows operating system was installed in the standard folder of the "c" partition, you can select the folder X: / Windows / System32 / config automatically offered by the program.

Resetting administrator password windows 7 Resetting administrator password windows 7

Now you will get a menu in which you will need to select the first item (Password reset), because this is the action you want to do with your Windows 7. Then again select the first menu item (Edit user data and password) and manually specify the user ID, whose password must be reset. The input format is 0xabcd, where abcd is the RID specified in the first column of the user table.

Select the first item in the next menu if you want to reset the password of the user specified earlier or the second item to change it. At the end of this operation, you need to exit the password editing mode by typing an exclamation point and pressing the Enter key.

Resetting administrator password Resetting administrator password

After making changes, it is necessary that the program retains them correctly, by pressing the "q" key, pressing Enter and accepting the program sentence with the letter "y". Enter the answer with the Enter key. Offline NT Password and Registry editor will offer to continue working with it, but if you are sure that everything was done correctly and re-checking is not required, then you can refuse the given sentence by entering the letter "n". It remains only to remove the drive from which the download was made and restart the computer. We also recommend our article, which we wrote recently, about password recovery .

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