Repairing the Windows 7 operating system

Восстановление операционной системы Windows 7

Recovery Windows 7 - is the re-creation of system files of the computer, which corresponds to a certain period in the past. This method is the best way to eliminate the problem associated with the incorrect installation of the program or driver, when the removal of the caused braking, hang or other application failures does not allow the OS to return to the working state. Sometimes the recovery of Windows 7 helps, even in cases where the system is not able to boot at all. Another name for the Windows recovery procedure is System Restore.

There are three ways to restore Windows 7: using a utility built into the system, using the system installation disk or System Restore through a safe mode. In this article we will examine each of them.

Restore Windows 7 with the built-in utility in the system

Restoring Windows 7 with the help of the system is possible only if the system files were not damaged and the OS normally boots after turning on the computer. Find the My Computer icon and right-click on it to select Properties. In the window that opens, click the System Protection tab.

Protect your Windows 7 system Protect your Windows 7 system

You will see the System Properties window with the System Protection tab open.

Click the Restore button. After that, the Restore system files and settings utility will be launched.

Restoring Windows 7 system files and settings Restoring Windows 7 system files and settings

Click "Next. You will be taken to the window with a list of all existing recovery points. To display all of them, check the box next to "Show other recovery points". Select the recovery point that you need and click Next again.

In the next window, you will need to select the status of the system files of which disks you want to restore. It is usually enough to restore the system disk C. After checking the necessary checkboxes, click the Next button again.

You will see the last window, which summarizes all the information about the recovery point: the date of its creation and a brief description of what changes in the system it was created. It is also possible to create a password reset disk. A similar "floppy disk" can be created using any modern FLASH media. This information may be needed if you forget the password from the system.

After you click on the Finish button, a window with warning information appears that you will not be able to terminate the restore operation after you decide to start it. To continue the utility, click Yes.

After that, the system will return to the selected recovery point. Initially, all documents and applications will be closed, the computer will reboot. If there are no errors in the System Restore process, a window will appear with information about the successfully completed restore.

System Restore via Safe Mode

If the operating system error has led to the fact that Windows can not even boot, the above method will not help you. However, you can try to restore Windows 7 using a safe mode, which is often loaded even when the normal system boot does not work.

To enter Safe Mode, restart the computer and press the F8 button several times when it starts. Before you will be a window with a list of additional options for loading the OS.

Use the cursor keys to select any option for loading Safe Mode and press the Enter key. After Windows 7 boots in safe mode, follow the same steps as in normal system mode.

Right-click the My Computer icon and select Properties. Then select the Control Panel section from the list.

In the window that opens, click the Restore tab.

You will see a window where you should click on Start System Restore. Also, you can configure the System Restore settings by clicking the Advanced recovery methods link.

After that, the application will start, the work of which we reviewed above.

Do the same series of steps as described in the first method of system recovery.

Windows 7 Disk Recovery

In some cases, the operating system may refuse to boot in a safe mode, then the second recovery method will also be impossible. However, if you have a Windows 7 installation disc, you can try to fix the problem that caused the system to crash. A similar disk in the form of an ISO image file can be downloaded on the Internet, and then burn it to a regular DVD.

Before starting the system recovery, you must set the boot priority in the BIOS settings from the DVD drive. After that, you must insert the Windows 7 startup disk into the drive and restart the computer. You will see a black window with the message Press any key to boot from the CD or DVD ... Press any key, after which the information will be downloaded from the disc.

Before Windows loads the necessary files, it will take some time.

In the window that appears, configure the language, keyboard layout and time format. After you click Next, the Windows 7 Welcome screen appears. You need to click the System Restore link. After that, the System Restore Options window appears before you.

Before you will see a list of applications to restore Windows 7. To begin with, it is recommended to run the Startup Repair utility, which helps to fix problems that prevent normal boot of the system.

If this did not work, go to the second item System Restore. After that, you will see a utility called Restoring system files and settings, the features of working with which we discussed above. If this utility also does not help to bring the system to working condition, you can try the System Image Restore utility. However, this method can help you only if you have previously made an image of your system.

How to create a recovery point in Windows 7

In order to easily restore the system after a fall with the help of the system utility, you should create a system restore point in advance, at a time when there were no problems in its operation. It's very easy to do this. To find the utility you need, just type "Create a recovery point" in the Start line.

Clicking on the name of the utility, you will be taken to the System protection window. There you need to click on the Create button.

In the small window that appears, enter the name of the point, in order to distinguish it from the others in the future.

A recovery point has been created.

Creating a System Image in Windows 7

A more reliable way to restore Windows 7 is to use a system image that can help restore the OS's performance even if it does not boot. To create a disk image, type "Backup and Restore" in the menu bar. Click on the name of the utility, a window will appear in front of you.

Click the Create system image link on the left side of the window. The system scans the computer for media that allows you to save the system image, and will offer you a list of them for selection. In total, Windows 7 has three options for saving the image: on one of the hard drives, on a DVD-ROM or in a network location.

Select the media that is most convenient for you and click Next. If there is not enough space on the specified hard disk, the image will not be created, so do not worry that the application will fail.

If there is enough space on the hard disk, then the backup will be started - the process is very long and resource-intensive. Since the utility can take a few hours to work, the most convenient solution is to leave the computer at night.

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