How often should I clean my laptop and change the thermal grease

Как часто нужно чистить ноутбук и менять термопасту

Dear friends, according to your numerous requests, I created this topic, in which I will talk about how often it is necessary to change the thermal paste in the laptop and clean it from dust. I will say right away, if you do not have special skills, and you will do this for the first time, then I very much would not recommend doing it yourself. You ask why, simply a laptop is considered a complicated device, cleaning it from dust and replacing thermal paste requires its disassembly . There are such models of laptops that have to be dismantled "to the last cog" to get to the processor, and all of its devices. Immediately answer the question that I always ask, how often you need to clean the laptop from dust and change the thermal paste, you need to clean at least once a year, better once every six months. But there is one "But", if your laptop is under warranty, then I do not advise you to do something and carry out its cleaning. After your warranty ends, it's time to think about cleaning your laptop from dust, replacing the thermal paste.

Before I do my own cleaning and change the thermal paste on my laptop, I highly recommend to find the service manual on the Internet and download to your notebook model. Usually such manuals immediately show the whole process and order of disassembly of the laptop, as well as its assembly. I recommend that you search for a video to clean the laptop, preferably your model. as a rule, these video materials show in detail how to disassemble a laptop, what should be done in what sequence. You will learn a lot of advice and recommendations, see the process of disassembly, as well as advise you how to use thermal paste to clean the laptop. It is also necessary to have a tool, this is usually a set of "cross" screwdrivers of small size, you need to have it if you decide to disassemble and clean your laptop with your own hands.

Let's fix the most important questions, and so, you need to clean your laptop at least once a year, but I do not recommend it if your laptop is under warranty. The best option is to clean it once every six months. Cleaning is best entrusted to specialists, but if you decide on your own, clean your laptop with your own hands and replace thermal grease, then I recommend downloading a service manual, or searching for a video that will help you.

A few tips and recommendations about how often you need to clean your laptop and change the thermal paste on your laptop can look in this video. I also attach photos that are located above, on which you can see what is happening inside your laptop, if you do not clean it for a long time.

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