How to refill an HP Q2612A cartridge by yourself

Как заправить картридж HP Q2612A своими руками

I think you guessed from the title of the topic, now we will refill the HP Q2612A cartridge with our own hands. Not long ago we had a topic about refueling the cartridge HP Q2612A and video, but at the request of one of our regular visitors, we decided to expand this topic and expand it in more detail. And so, HP Q2612A cartridges are probably one of the most popular in our country, and in my opinion the most simple and reliable. They are easy to maintain and fill, they are used by many laser printers and MFPs from HP. I will list a few models of printers and MFPs where they stand. I list not all, but the most basic and popular ones are the laser printer HP 1010, HP1018, HP 1020, HP1022, HP3820. As I said, I did not list all HP printer models where these cartridges are installed, they are also installed in Canon printers.

If you use one of the above listed printer models, then refilling the HP Q2612A cartridge with your own hands will come in handy. Now we begin, in this video, the process of refilling the HP Q2612A cartridge is fully shown, you will learn and learn how you can refill the HP Q2612A cartridge with your own hands. The video will be useful for specialists serving computer and office equipment, as well as for printer owners, where the HP Q2612A cartridge is installed.

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It was somehow 7 years ago to refuel this printer, after watching the video made the first gas station for half an hour, then as on the machine for 10-15 minutes and ready.
1010 and 1020 - all this line of printers is very common was about 5 years ago, they are refueling well, and consumables cost a penny. It is a pity that they are not released, although consumables can be bought without problems. Still there are many analogues of Canon, they did not run, but the cartridges are suitable for these models.