How do I know if my notebook is overheating?

Many notebook owners sooner or later face the problem of laptop overheating. The cause of overheating can be old and dry thermal grease, or the heat hanging channels are hammered, or the laptop is operated in an environment where the temperature exceeds the permissible standards of its operation. How to find out that your laptop is overheating and that he needs help. It is not difficult to determine this at all.

First of all, you can determine whether your laptop is overheating or not, this is due to the sound and noise of the cooler. If the cooler constantly works at high speed, although you do not do much, watch the video or print it in MS Word, it means that your processor or video card is operating at the maximum temperature, and the cooling system tries to correct the situation. Often in such cases, the laptop turns off, protection is triggered. This suggests that you need to clean the laptop , replace the thermal paste and clean the channels to remove heat.

Another reason for overheating the laptop is its frequent shutdown. If it turns off by itself, then it's likely overheating either the CPU or the video card. You can check this by raising the palm to the heat of the outflow channel, they are usually located on the sides. You will feel that there is a hot air flow from them, this is a sign that the laptop will overheat and that it is necessary to take measures.

The cause of overheating can be identified with the help of special programs and utilities that show the temperature. The error is usually 5-10 degrees. In this case, you need to know what is the permissible temperature for your model of the processor or video card. You can find it on the official website of the manufacturer of your laptop by downloading a specification or a service manual for your model.

In solving such situations, you can clean the laptop in a specialized center, or from specialists who repair and maintain computer equipment. If you are an advanced PC user, then you can clean the laptop yourself, adhering to the rules and recommendations of specialists. How to clean your own laptop - read in this article.

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