How to choose the right paper for the printer

Как выбрать правильную бумагу для принтера

Most users use paper to work with printers, not thinking about its quality. Meanwhile, a good quality of paper can significantly affect the quality of printing images. Conversely, poor-quality paper will give a poor-quality image, besides, increases the risk of damage to the printer. Now you will learn how to choose the right paper for the printer, what parameters you need to know for it. To common reasons for failure of printing devices is the use of paper carriers of poor quality. The printer is a highly sensitive device that requires the use of an appropriate level of consumables, including paper. When buying a printer, it is not superfluous to find out what type of paper carriers are optimal for this type of device and vice versa, which paper is catastrophically harmful.

A conventional sheet of paper has characteristics of at least 20 parameters.

Typically, features and characteristics of the paper medium is shown on the packaging. The most important parameter is the paper size. There are three series of sizes. And - the one that is more often needed in practice, B and C - used in printing and for envelopes. The paper format ranges from the largest A0 to the smallest A8. The most popular format is A4. It is important to know what formats the printer supports. The density of paper is another criterion for choosing a paper medium. The paper is more dense. Brightness is important for obtaining a contrast effect. More bright and white paper gives a more vivid perception of the image.

The paper should not be torn or torn. The deformed sheet is less dense at the folding point and its soft texture may clog the print head nozzles. Therefore, printing on torn and even cut leaves is not recommended. The edges of small sheets, for example A5, must be processed in production using special equipment, and not cut and cut from the A4 format.

Unfortunately, in practice it is impossible to study its visual status before buying a paper. Hidden shortcomings are difficult to see through a closed pack. Bright packaging visually attracts the buyer. And, perhaps, the choice would have to be made on a different, better quality product.

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