How to choose a printer

Как выбрать принтер

In the recent past, printers were considered inaccessible luxury for the average computer user. But after a lot of modifications of printers appeared on the world market, you can choose any convenient option, focusing on its parameters, and of course, the price. And how to choose a printer, we'll talk about this in this article.

For everyday needs, it's logical to choose an already standard inkjet printer, which uses small water nozzles to drop drops of water ink onto the paper. This approach allows you to use paper of almost any size. And if you want to print a banner or photo, then the inkjet printer is in demand in most cases.

But you need to clearly and clearly understand that the consumption of materials may be more expensive than the cost of the inkjet printer itself. Therefore, it makes sense to immediately purchase a continuous ink supply device, which is installed near the printer itself. In this case, it will be possible to periodically buy separately ink and fill them with plastic containers. The cost of maintenance will be at the lowest level! But with the only condition - if the ink will be of the highest quality. If there are any doubts about this, it is worth paying attention to the guarantee that the ink manufacturers must give. If the inkjet printer fails, then the printer (s) they will have to repair at their own expense.

For printing photos it is desirable to take a more modern thermo dye sublimation printer in which a special powder, each color of which is applied separately to paper, is exposed to a temperature effect. The output is a photograph of really high quality, which is not washed off with water and which can be stored in a family album for many decades.

For printing documents it is desirable to pay attention to laser printers that are able to give the desired result - a black and white image on paper will be of the highest quality. True, for this you will have to stock up not only with standard black cartridges, but also gray or light gray.

A modern printer should have a card reader (no need to connect a personal computer), w / a screen, and some versions - and a Bluetooth interface that will allow you to connect a digital camera without using a wired cord.

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