Cleaning the laptop screen

Чистка экрана ноутбука

During the operation of any device, including a laptop, it becomes necessary to clean it. In this article, we'll talk about cleaning the laptop screen, find out how to do it and how to clean it.

When the laptop is turned on, it's hard to notice the stains and various screen fouling, but when the laptop is turned off - all this is noticeable, and striking. Ways to clean the laptop screen can be different, and if you say the right thing, then you can clean the screen with both specialized napkins, and without them. Usually, in any specialized store where computer equipment is sold, there are always on sale napkins for cleaning monitors and computer hardware surfaces. If you buy cleaning cloths, then you need to clarify to the seller what exactly you need to clean. For example, if you need to clean the laptop screen , then you will explain to him that you need a cleaning cloth to clean the laptop screen, and not other surfaces. After that, cleaning the laptop screen will be a simple and simple process for you.

Well, now consider the option of cleaning the screen of your laptop, when you do not have napkins, on a simple - at home and improvised means that are in every home. Before you clean the screen, be sure to turn off your laptop. And so, cleaning the laptop screen at home with improvised tools is a simple process, and does not require special knowledge, but its nuances are also available. To clean the screen we will need a small cloth, or rather two. Usually this material should be without villi (an ordinary rag that does not have homogeneous bodies such as buttons and the like) will do. Then tear it in half, that we would have 2 cloths. One leave dry (we will wipe the screen of the laptop), and one rag slightly soaked in a mild soap solution and begin to wipe the screen. You need to do everything carefully, wipe the screen over the entire surface. The effort should be minimal, because The laptop matrix is ​​very sensitive to damage and force.

After all this, until the screen of our laptop is still dry, take a dry cloth, which is lying with us, and wipe it over the entire surface of the matrix. It will be clearly seen how the screen and the layer of soap solution applied before it disappears, and a clean surface appears. It is advisable to do all these movements with a dry rag at a fast pace. As a result, you will see that all the spots on your laptop screen have disappeared. Also, for a more effective result, we recommend that you after this cleaning go through the surface of the notebook matrix with a damp cloth, without a soap solution, and then again take a dry cloth and carry out a final cleaning at a fast pace. In this case, the result will be more effective. This cleans the screen of our laptop is finished, we hope that after that your screen becomes mirror-clear.

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