What to clean the laptop screen

Чем чистить экран ноутбука

After buying a laptop and in the process of its operation, there is a need to clean its screen. Many users do not know how to clean the laptop screen, and in this we will help you, you will learn how and what it does. In fact, this process is not at all complicated, and does not require any skills for this. I would like to immediately warn about the mistakes that owners of portable devices often allow. The following are the basic precautions and errors that can damage the screen of your portable device.

1. Do not use any objects and materials to wipe off dirt from the screen (solid and other objects that can damage the surface)

2. You can not use to clean the screen liquid such as gasoline, thinner, acetone and others, this will immediately disable the matrix of the laptop.

3. Do not use cologne and various kinds of mixture as a cleaning agent for the screen.

4. When cleaning the screen, remove the watch and bracelets from the hands, this is one of the frequent cases of damage to the screen.

By following these rules and security measures, you can warn your laptop against various troubles and malfunctions. Well, now consider our question about what to clean the laptop screen. And so, to clean the laptop screen it is necessary to use special compositions and materials, which are intended for this purpose. After all, the screen of your device is very fragile and easily damaged.

Well and now cleaning. Clean the laptop screen with a lint-free cloth, and as a detergent you can use soap or dishwashing liquid. The fabric must be impregnated with a liquid to a wet state. Further we make accurate movements on the screen, on all its surface. After this, while the screen is still wet, it is necessary to take a dry cloth and at an accelerated pace to wipe the liquid. In this process, your will become clean, and its surface will become mirror. In the process of cleaning the screen, your laptop must be turned off. After all this, you will immediately notice how your screen changed. I would also like to note that there is one cleaning procedure is not enough. In this case, we recommend that you perform the procedure again, as a result of which, stains and contamination will not remain.

According to the recommendations of specialists, it is better to clean the laptop screen with specialized means, which are intended for this purpose. Such funds and compounds are sold in virtually any computer store or computer firm. When buying a cleaning product for the screen of your laptop, be sure to tell the seller that you need a tool for cleaning the laptop screen, because such means are different, and for different surfaces. After that, you can safely wipe and clean your laptop, without fear of any consequences. We hope that from this article you could find useful information for yourself, as well as now know what and how to clean the screen of your laptop.

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