Disassembly and cleaning of the HP Pavilion dv6 laptop (Service Manual)

Разборка и чистка ноутбука HP Pavilion dv6 (Сервисный мануал)

The line of notebooks DV6 is very popular among our users. Often, many people have problems with processor overheating , which is a consequence of poor cooling. Usually in the process of long-term use of laptops (more than half a year), there is a need for their maintenance. First of all, you need to clean the dust from the HP Pavilion dv6 laptop. This case can be entrusted to specialists who work in the service centers, but this procedure can also be done independently, at home. To do this, you need to have a set of small screwdrivers, with which we will do everything. And so, if you decide to independently disassemble your HP Pavilion dv6 laptop, then proceed. I'll tell you a little about the process of disassembling and cleaning the laptop in brief, and in more detail you can learn everything from the service manual, the link to which is located below.

To clean the dust of the HP Pavilion dv6 from dust, you must first observe the safety rules and be extremely careful. The laptop is a fragile thing, and damaging it, you can either leave your mark, or even disable it. First of all, watch the tool, that it would not accidentally fall on the boards and contacts. There were many cases when a conventional screwdriver falling, disabling a printed circuit board. So be extremely careful. Always look at the manual, see the sequence of actions, do everything neatly according to the scheme. With this service manual you can not only clean HP Pavilion dv6 yourself, but also upgrade it. Let's add an additional RAM module, or replace the hard drive with a more capacious one. All this and the order of disassembly of the laptop you will find in the manual.

We hope that the information and service manual for HP Pavilion dv6 was useful to you, you cleared the dust or upgraded your laptop yourself, without assistance.

сервисный мануал и инструкцию по разборке ноутбука HP Pavilion dv6. Download the service manual and instructions for disassembling the laptop HP Pavilion dv6.

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