Cartridge refilling instructions CE505A, CE505X - HP LaserJet P2035, P2055d, P2055dn printer

Инструкция по заправке картриджа CE505A, CE505X — принтер HP LaserJet P2035, P2055d, P2055dn

This instructions for refilling the HP LaserJet P2035, P2055d, P2055dn, will help you to fill the CE505A, CE505X cartridge yourself, without the help of specialists. A detailed description of the entire process of refilling the printer, accompanied by photos and pictures, will clearly help you in this.

For filling, we will need to have the following tool:
1. A screwdriver in the cross version
2. Small pliers
3. Silo or something like that, that would be a sharp end, with which we will need to make holes in the cartridge.

After all this, we begin the step-by-step refueling of our cartridge.

1. Remove the cartridge from the printer and remove the drum cover, having previously memorized the location of the spring.

2. After the drum cover is removed, we need to make 2 holes with our silk. The holes in the cartridge are made from 2 sides, as shown in the picture.

3. After that, as the holes were drilled in the cartridge and they reached the pins, they must be pushed out through this hole. It is necessary to push out the pins on both the left and right sides. As it is done, look at the photo.

4. After our pins are removed, we need to divide the cartridge CE505A, CE505X into 2 parts.

5. Now we need to remove the drum on the cartridge. To do this, we need to turn our cartridge half and pull out the pin that fastens the drum. To do this, you need to take a thin screwdriver, and carefully, pull the pin on yourself. At the same time to look, that would not damage the nest pin, it is very fragile. Once the hairpin has come out a little, it can be carefully pulled out with pliers. All this is shown in our figure below.

6. After that, as our drum is removed, we conduct a visual inspection of the cartridge. We will see all its gears well. If the cartridge is not new, it is recommended to inspect its gears for wear, and if necessary, also replace them. Replacing the gears for the CE505A, CE505X cartridge will not pose any particular problems for you. In the disassembled cartridge, their condition can be seen very well. And so, if necessary, make a replacement gears and go further.

7. After we have made a visual inspection of the cartridge, we proceed to remove the transfer roller. Remove the transfer roller in the HP Laserjet P2035, P2055d, P2055dn will be very easy. After removing this roller, we need to clean it with a special tool for cleaning transfer rollers. After that we go further.

8. Now we need to remove the squeegee and clean the leftover toner. To do this, unscrew the two bolts that fix the squeegee, and now you can get rid of the leftover toner. Toner, which is located in this "bunker" must be removed, and as with every cleaning or refueling, it is always necessary to clean this "Bunker", because it contains already unusable toner.

9. Then set the charge transfer roller back to its place.

10. The next step is to put the drum back on its place. Attach it neatly, the pin of the drum mounting must enter the groove to the very end. We look at this, that would not damage the nest of the stud. For relief, you can apply a little grease to the pin.

11. Now we need to move the hinges from the left side of the lid. All this is shown in the figure below. The two ends of our lid are soldered with plastic, so the only option that would open them, we need to cut the joint out of plastic, and then gently drill.

12. Next, drill our joints. We drill neatly, not hurrying. We look, that our cartridge will not be damaged.

13. Then, using a screwdriver, disconnect the cover, as shown in the figure. All this must be done carefully, so as not to damage the cartridge. Remove the cover carefully, be careful not to break anything.

14. Then, carefully remove the magnetic shaft on the HP LaserJet P2035, P2055d, P2055dn printer, as shown in the photo.

15. Then you need to remove the pinion of the magnetic shaft.

16. After this, unscrew the 2 bolts and remove the dosing blade.

17. Then we clean the compartment of the toner debris. It is necessary to pay attention to the sealing of the blade. This seal should be cleaned with alcohol

18. Well, now we are refueling our cartridge. Refilling the cartridge CE505A, CE505X - HP LaserJet P2035, P2055d, P2055dn printer is through the hole in the magnetic shaft. Now our cartridge is ready for use. To do this, assemble and put all the parts back, assemble the cartridge and all. Do not forget how to replace the chip.

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