Refill the HP1010, HP1015, HP1018, HP1020, HP1022, HP3820

Заправка принтера HP1010, HP1015, HP1018, HP1020, HP1022, HP3820

In this material, we clearly understand such a popular topic and find out how the Q2612A cartridge refills. This cartridge is widely used in many models of HP laser printers, for example HP1020, HP1018, HP1010, MFP 3820 and other models of printers and MFPs. This step-by-step instruction with the photo will show you how to properly refill the Q2612A cartridge.

To refill the cartridge, you will need the following tool:

1. Phillips screwdriver

2. Pliers (Desirably thin)

3. Shilo or something similar with a sharp tip.

4. Well, it's necessary to have the toner for refilling our cartridge

The entire refueling process we divided into the stages according to which you must adhere and together with us perform the actions shown in the pictures.

1. It is necessary to open the lid of your printer and remove the cartridge from it, which we will fill.

Извлекаем картридж с принтера Remove the cartridge from the printer

2. After we have removed the cartridge from the printer, we need to carefully remove the contact spring. See the figure.

Извлекаем контактную пружину Removing the contact spring

3. After removing the contact spring on the Q2612A cartridge, we need to unscrew the 2 screws that secure the drum cover. To do this, perform the following actions, as shown in the photo.

Откручиваем 2 винта Unscrew the 2 screws

4. After unscrewing the screws that secure the drum cover, we need to remove it. Do this as shown in the picture below.

Снимаем крышку крепления барабана Remove the lid of the drum

5. After all this, gently, adhering to the gear of the drum, remove it from our cartridge.

Снимаем барабан Remove the drum

6. After that, we need to remove the transfer roller. To do this, our awl will help us. With the help of it we catch ourselves for the roller and extract our charge transfer roller. See as shown in the photo.

Извлекаем ролик переноса заряда Remove the charge transfer roller

7. After all this, we need to pull out 2 pins that secure the two halves of the cartridge. (we need to divide it into 2 parts.). This moment is one of the most difficult, when refueling our Q2612A. To separate the cartridge Q2612A into 2 parts, we need to carefully remove these pins. As it is done, look at the picture carefully, and repeat everything as it is shown. We take an awl and push out the pins of attachment of 2 parts of the cartridge.

извлекаем штифты крепления картриджа remove the cartridge mounting pins

8. Do the same operation on the other side.

извлечение штифтов крепления картриджа removing the cartridge mounting pins

9. After these ejection operations, the pins must come out, after which they must be carefully removed from both sides.

извлечение штифтов extraction of pins

10. All, now our cartridge is divided into 2 parts. The Q2612A cartridge has been disassembled and ready for refueling. We recommend you also clean it from working off. In order to clean the Q2612A cartridge from the working, it is necessary to unscrew the 2 screws that secure the curtain and shake out the toner.

чистка картриджа Q2612A от отработки cartridge cleaning Q2612A

11. Our next step is to refill Q2612A cartridge. For this, take the other half of the cartridge, where the magnetic shaft is located, and unscrew the lid, gently rocking and holding it with your hands.

откручиваем крышку магнитного вала unscrew the cover of the magnetic shaft

12. After that, we'll see the cork, through which we need to refuel our cartridge. To do this, carefully remove it, and at the same time hold the magnetic shaft of our cartridge.

открываем пробку для заправки тонера open the cap for toner refilling

13. After all that has been done, we will see the bunker available for refilling our cartridge. Carefully fall asleep our toner in this bunker, at the same time do not forget to hold the magnetic shaft, so that our toner will not get enough sleep. After all this, close our lid back and now our cartridge is ready for use. Do not forget to wipe the toner on the cartridge after refueling.

Here, in a clear example, with photos and pictures, we examined in detail how you can refill the Q2612A cartridge with your own hands. In fact, the procedure is not complicated and almost everyone will be able to do it. The main pluses of self-fueling are direct mastering and understanding of the fueling process itself, obtaining additional skills and saving money.

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