How to properly build a computer

In this article, we'll talk about how to properly collect a computer, that while you need to consider and pay attention. I will tell on my experience and example, how I collected my computer for myself, and what I paid attention first. And so, after buying my first computer passed more than ten years, but then I was not experienced, I was offered, I bought. After buying my first PC, I already decided firmly that I will collect my next computer myself. So it happened, for this time I already changed them 5 pieces, and all collected them for myself. I will not now advise you which processor is better, which is better, just consider the main points.

1. Suppose you have already chosen a platform (Intel or AMD), chose a processor, after reading the reviews and reviewing its tests (here you already have to decide on the processor and the choice of the platform).

2. Choose a motherboard . The motherboard is a very important thing, when choosing it, you need to consider the following: extensibility (choose models of only well-known manufacturers, memory slots no less than 4, PCI slots the more, the better, we also select additional expansion slots). We look, that the socket it corresponded to your processor, and it supported it. On the motherboard do not save, if you decided to properly and qualitatively collect your computer, then it is not appropriate to choose which is cheaper, otherwise you can just buy a PC assembly and close the question. After you have decided on the motherboard model, I advise you not to be lazy and read about it on the forums. This can avoid problems in the future, maybe your board has negative reviews or glitches, all this needs to be checked. After that, just make a purchase. Suppose that our choice is made, go ahead.

3. Selecting the RAM . RAM is also chosen as a proprietary memory, we look at parameters such as frequency and timings. Usually high-quality memory from Samsung, Kingmax, Kingstone, Corsair. The frequency and timings of RAM are parameters of the speed of RAM, they also affect the performance of your PC. Went through the forums, advised, the choice was made, let's see that the RAM was supported by your motherboard paid. If everyone has chosen, go ahead.

4. Select the hard disk . Here the choice is not great, see the reviews. I personally prefer WD recently, I used to prefer Seagate, but recently they were not very good, there were problems. It is better to go through the forums and read reviews, find out what is better.

5. Housing and power supply . Many people think that you can save on this, but here's what I tell you, never and under no circumstances do not save on the case and power supply, these are the most important things the PC on which performance and performance depend. I'll start with the case. The casing look to be made of thick steel (I prefer InWin). A normal case will not rattling and noise isolation is better. Often I deal with cheap cases, steel is thin, many times cut about her hand, and when you close the side covers, during work they rattling and emit different sounds from vibration. Take quality cases, do not pay attention to the appearance, pay attention to quality.

Power supply, how to choose it. First of all, do not look at cotton wool, but look at the manufacturer's company. If you are advised to BP, which is a lot of wat and the price is not expensive, do not rush, find out what the unit is, look at the tests on the Internet. Pay attention to the weight of the power supply. A good power supply unit is heavy, which means that the heat absorbers and radiators are everywhere and of high quality. In cheap power units, half the elements are missing (Protection, quality radiators, the body is made of tin). Pay attention to all this. Well by itself, I say, I prefer Inwin price and quality speaks for itself. Power supply take it with a margin, at the time of writing this article is considered the best option power supply for 450-650 watts.

6. Which one to choose a video card for? You need to decide here if for games, it's naturally more expensive. And I advise, if you have an AMD platform, then better choose Radeon video cards, they are more optimized for this platform, well, if the platform is on Intel, then Gforce. But this is so, just a recommendation. When choosing a video card, pay attention to the manufacturer and the frequency. One and the same model of a video card can cost differently for different manufacturers, but the frequencies and parameters will be different for them. Pay attention to all this. If you do not play games, you can take the usual not expensive video card.

Do not rush to buy, review reviews about every detail. For example, see which food blogs often fail, which hard drives and which firms often fail. Having studied all this, you can assemble yourself a computer of excellent quality. Now I think you understand how to properly build a computer, what you need to know and what nuances you need to consider when building your PC.

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