How to check the computer power supply

Как проверить блок питания компьютера

In this article, we will learn how to check the power supply of a computer for its operability at home. In order to check the power supply, we need to remove it from the case of your system unit , having previously unplugged all the wires. Preliminary, for verification, you must prepare a normal posting, 10-15 cm long. Then you need to strip the ends of each side of the wiring, so that you can make a short circuit. See the figure. After that, connect any device to the power supply, for example, a hard drive . (You can try and do not connect anything to the PSU, but it's better to connect it to create a load) Then take the biggest connector of the power supply, and with the help of our wiring we make a short to green and any black contact . If the power supply unit is functional, it will start and you will see how the fan rotates, which means that your power supply is operational.

I will say at once, this method of verification does not give 100% guarantee that your power supply unit is functional, even if the unit will work, with this type of start-up. It often happens that in this mode it works, and when all devices are connected, the computer does not turn on. This means that you need to open the power supply and watch capacitors, mostly they will cause a breakdown. Visually, you can check it yourself, it's enough to open the power supply. The photo shows how the non-working and blown capacitors look.

Replacing the capacitors on the power supply, you can exploit it further. That's like everyone, you've learned how to test the power supply of a computer at home, and in the following articles we'll talk about repairing and repacking capacitors on power supplies.