How to restore a DVD drive at home

Restoring DVD or CD disks usually fails, but there are ways that can help in this. And so, usually DVDs or CDs require recovery due to scratches and damage to the surface. I will say right away that there are no special programs that restore physical damage to your disks, so we'll try to do everything manually, there are several ways to do this. At least, I know 3, if you know more ways to restore DVD and CD discs, let us know.

The first way, which very often helps to restore a DVD disc, it also applies to CDs also.

1. Take the usual toothpaste, apply it to the surface of the disc. After that, take a rag, lightly moistened it, and begin to wipe our disc, with a little effort. After this, it is necessary to rinse it, and wipe the surface with a dry rag. After that, put the disk in our drive, and check the result. If everything is fine, then I advise you to transfer all the necessary data to your computer. If this method does not help you restore your DVD or CD, go to the next method.

2. This method can also help you to restore your disk, I was helped several times. To do this, we need a program to change the speed of the DVD or CD drive, I used the CDSlow program for this . Using it, we change the speed of reading our drive to 2-4x. Then try to read our disc. This method also needs to be checked, but 100% guarantee certainly is not.

3. Follow all the above tips 1 and 2, and check the result on other drives if nothing has happened on your computer, for example, on a neighbor's computer or a friend. Each drive can read and process the surface of the disk in different ways.

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