Burning discs in Windows 7

Запись дисков в Windows 7

The operating system Windows 7 contains built-in support for burning discs, so you do not have to install third-party software to occasionally throw something on the disc. Like almost any other built-in software from Microsoft, it can not boast of excessive functionality, but it is very self-sufficient.

And so .., burning discs in windows 7 by standard operating system tools - what is it? In fact, everything is very simple! To burn a disc you only need "Explorer". Select the file or folder that you want to place on the disk, right-click and select "DVD drive" in the "Send" drop-down.

Burning disks in windows 7 Burning disks in windows 7

After your actions, the selected files and folders will be placed in a specially created temporary folder. The convenience of this method lies in the ability to select folders for writing anywhere: you do not have to collect them in advance in one place.

After all the necessary files have been added, insert a blank CD into the burning drive, open the disk overview in the drive with the explorer and click the "Write files to disk" button on the top panel. In the opened window, you will be prompted to choose one of two ways to use the disc: as a USB flash drive or for use with a CD / DVD player.

Burning disks in windows 7 Burning disks in windows 7

A brief description of the differences between these options can be read right in the same window under each of them. If you plan to use this disk on Windows computers, the choice of the first option is the most convenient, allowing you to work with files on a CD in the same way as on any other drive, but the second option will help to avoid compatibility problems - such a disk is read anywhere.

After pressing the "Next" button, the disk will be formatted (completely cleared and ready for use) and the disk itself will be recorded directly, which will take some time.

After the process of burning the disk to the LFS file system (if you chose how to use the drive as a flash drive) and before using it on other computers, the disk needs to close the disk session. This procedure is performed automatically when the disk is ejected with the corresponding notification, but it is most reliable to do it manually, for which:

  1. select the recording device;
  2. click the "Close Session" button on the Windows Explorer toolbar;
  3. Wait until the end of the procedure.

If you forgot to close the session with a disk formatted in the LFS file system and removed it, do not worry - you can perform this operation at any time, but be sure to use this drive on another computer. It is worthwhile to know that each shutdown "eats" on the disk approximately 20 MB of free space.

In any case, you will not have advanced control over recording any information on the disk medium through Windows Explorer. This is a standard Windows tool and it must be understood! To fully control the recording process with various speed adjustments and additional parameters for burning and checking, you need a more powerful program designed for these purposes. As an example, I can put Nero, a video lesson about which is placed in the paragraph above. The lesson describes the process of fast burning discs in the Nero program.

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