Configuring a Windows 7 vpn connection

Настройка vpn подключения Windows 7

Configure a VPN connection in Windows 7 is not more difficult than any other network connection: the principle is almost the same, but in order to exclude possible errors and not spend then precious time for their search and elimination, I suggest using the detailed instructions given below.

First of all you need to open the control panel, find the network and sharing control center in the "Network and Internet" section and click on "Setting up a new connection or network".

Configuring a Windows 7 vpn connection Configuring a Windows 7 vpn connection

In the window that opens, you will be asked to select the connection option. Since you want to create a VPN connection, only one item will meet your requirements - "Connecting to a workplace", in the explanation to which it is indicated that this option allows you to configure a telephone or VPN connection.

Configuring Windows 7 vpn Configuring Windows 7 vpn

The next step is to specify whether the VPN connection to a private network will be performed by routing a tunnel over an existing Internet connection, or there is a dedicated dedicated telephone number for it, which will need to be dialed using a simple modem. In practice, the overwhelming number of created VPN connections is done using the first option, so if you are not sure about something at this stage, it is better to choose it.

At the fourth stage of setting up a VPN connection in Windows 7, it is suggested to enter the IP address or the name of the computer to which the VPN tunnel connection will be made. These data can be obtained from the network administrator or from someone who provides you directly the service itself. The name of the destination can be left unchanged with the standard value "VPN connection".

Configuring a Windows 7 vpn connection Configuring a Windows 7 vpn connection

At the last stage, it only remains to enter your account information (user name and password) that are required to access the new network and should have been provided to you by the provider of this service.

When the input is complete, you just need to click the "Connect" button and wait for Windows to perform the necessary manipulations.

In any case, every service that provides a VPN service must have detailed settings, like what needs to be connected and configured.

To fix the material, to configure the VPN connection in the operating system Windows 7, we offer to watch a video that will visually help you with your connection and VPN settings.

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