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Запись дисков в Windows 7

Burning discs in Windows 7

The operating system Windows 7 contains built-in support for burning discs, so to occasionally throw something on the disc, you do not need to install third-party software
Настройка vpn подключения Windows 7

Configuring a Windows 7 vpn connection

Configure a VPN connection in Windows 7 is not harder than any other network connection
Обновление DirectX для windows 7

DirectX update for windows 7

Despite the fact that Windows 7 comes with DirectX version 10, you may need to update its libraries to the latest, eleventh or twelfth version
Разбивка жесткого диска windows 7 на разделы

Splitting the hard disk windows 7 into sections

Buying a computer with a preinstalled Windows 7, or an additional hard drive in an existing computer, the user's look with a probability of 99% will be a very sad picture
Восстановление пароля Windows 7

Windows 7 password recovery

Windows 7 password recovery can be needed in case you accidentally forgot it or did not even know if it's about someone else's computer
Сброс пароля администратора windows 7

Resetting administrator password windows 7

The administrator password requested by the Windows 7 operating system is generally quite robust in terms of cryptography
Сброс активации windows 7

Reset activation windows 7

With these limited capabilities, you can reset the activation counter, which requires:
Восстановление операционной системы Windows 7

Repairing the Windows 7 operating system

Restoring the operating system Windows 7 - detailed instructions for restoring Windows 7 with your own hands, creating restore points.
Горячие клавиши Windows 7

Windows 7 Hot Keys

How to increase the speed of work on the computer? All this can be done using Windows hot keys
Переустановка Windows 7 на ноутбуке

Reinstalling Windows 7 on a laptop

Reinstall Windows 7 on your laptop with your own hands. Step-by-Step Guide to Reinstalling Windows 7
При загрузке Windows 7 появляется черный экран

When you start Windows 7, a black screen appears

For what reason did the black screen appear in Windows 7 at boot? How to solve a problem?
Системные требования для Windows 7

System requirements for Windows 7

Despite the fact that the system requirements of Windows 7 are much higher than the minimum configuration of the computer required for the operation of previous operating systems, most modern computers quite successfully support this OS
Файл подкачки в Windows 7

Paging file in Windows 7

In the process of resource-intensive applications, Windows 7 actively uses physical memory, and when it becomes insufficient, it refers to a swap file that stores data that does not fit in physical memory.
Что лучше windows 7 или windows 8, преимущества и недостатки перехода

Which is better than windows 7 or windows 8, the advantages and disadvantages of the transition

Operating system Windows XP and Windows 8, which is better? Should I upgrade to a new Windows 8, or remain on Windows XP
Что делать если тормозит компьютер

What to do if the computer slows down

Optimization of the Windows operating system. What to do if the computer slows down and Windows boots slowly
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