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Системный блок компьютера, устройство и состав

Computer system unit, device and composition

So, what does the computer's system unit consist of? Learn More

Select a receipt printer

According to the method of printing, checkers are thermo-printed and matrix printers. If the matrix models are cheap, the image quality is much better for devices based on thermal printing. Learn More

Select Printer

In this article, we'll look at the main types of printers, and also help you make the right choice of printer. Learn More

Types of printers

Do you know what kinds of printers are available? Previously, monitors were not yet, and the information was output only on paper, so the printer can be called the first output device. Learn More

How does the quality of paper affect printer wear?

This material will help many users find out a useful thing, namely how the quality of paper affects the wear and tear of the printer, and what needs to be bought for its paper. Learn More

LED printer - the main pros and cons

In parallel laser printing is now developing LED technology. The functions of the LED printer performs the same - transfers from the computer to a sheet of paper texts and graphic elements. Learn More

Choosing a Scanner and Printer for Your Home

Before you buy a printer for your home, you need to clearly define the purposes for which you want to use it. Learn More
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