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Как подключить телевизор к компьютеру

How to connect your TV to your computer

Watch your favorite movie on the big screen, play the game in such a way that everyone has a chance to enjoy everything from contemplation, or just watch some video, photos or something else - just for this. More
Калибровка монитора

Calibrating the monitor

Calibrating the monitor is a necessary preparatory stage for prepressing photos and images, without which all efforts to select the most suitable and effective colors will be made. More
Установка оперативной памяти своими руками

Installing RAM by yourself

Installation of RAM by oneself must be done in the case, in which there is already a fixed motherboard and processor. Learn More
Сборка компьютера своими руками

Building a computer with your own hands

Detailed instructions for assembling the computer with your own hands. Let's start it with the installation of the processor and the motherboard. Installing the processor and the motherboard. Learn More
Корпус для компьютера

Computer case

Today we'll talk about such an important thing as the computer case. The case is the foundation of our PC and its choice should be approached with all seriousness. Learn More
Что такое SSD диски и принцип их работы

What is SSD disks and how they work?

Today, we will discuss the main points and principles of the operation of solid state SSD technology. Learn More
Звуковая карта для компьютера

Sound card for computer

A sound card is an integral attribute of a multimedia computer. Learn More
Сетевая карта компьютера

Computer Network Card

Let's start our topic with the fact that network cards are different and can differ, both in the spectrum of solved problems and in form-factor (appearance). Learn More
Жесткий диск компьютера

Computer Hard Drive

The hard disk of the computer (it's also HDD (Hard Disk Drive), it's also a hard drive, it's also a magnetic drive, it's also a "screw" and "hard"). Learn More
Оперативная память компьютера

Computer RAM

So, the computer's RAM, which is also called volatile. Learn More
Материнская плата компьютера, для чего она предназначена и как выглядит

The motherboard of the computer, for what it is designed and what it looks like

The computer's motherboard is the foundation on which all the components of the system unit are built. The role of the computer motherboard can not be overemphasized. Learn More
Встроенная видеокарта

Integrated video card

The built-in video card (it is often called an integrated or "onboard" video card) is part of the chipset of the system logic of the computer's motherboard (part of the chipset). Learn More
Видеокарта компьютера и ее предназначение

Computer graphics card and its purpose

A video card is the device with which the image is displayed on the monitor. Those. Learn More
Центральный процессор компьютера (ЦПУ)

The central processor of the computer (CPU)

Today we are considering the central processor of a computer CPU (Central Processing Unit - central processing unit or CPU). This is the heart of the system unit or, if you will, its brain! Learn More
Блок питания компьютера

Computer power supply

In this article, we'll talk about one of the most important parts of the computer - the power supply unit, you'll learn what an important role it plays in a personal computer. Learn More
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